Thursday, February 5, 2009

Burundanga - The Devilstrumpets of Colombia

"BURUNDANGA - The Devilstrumpet of Colombia - Brugmansia and scopolamine in current crime and as street drugs"

Can you imagine the existence of a drug that has the effect of a deep, hypnotic trance? A Poison, whereby someone for shorter or longer time can subdue the will of another person? This drug is very real. It is used in more of the big cities of Colombia. It is used by ruthless criminals in committing crimes such as theft, robbery, kidnappings, rape and murder. It is called burundanga.

In Colombia, which is one of the Countries in the Northwest of South America, more that 500 people each month is poisoned with a homemade powder consisting of scopolamine. The street name of the drug is burundanga. Burundanga is literary turning its victims into literally zombies.

The popularity among criminals and drug addicts in Countries such as Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Ecuador is vastly increasing. Burundanga is not a new stimulant or a recent alcoholic drink. Burundanga is a homemade and extremely dangerous narcotic, which slowly threatens to invade the Western Countries.

Due to the increased interest in Brugmansia as a garden ornamental the plant is today found worldwide. The criminal habits of using Brugmansia to manufacture homemade Burundanga has all ready been reported from the USA and from Canada. All people that grow a Brugmansia in their back garden unknowingly can ad to burundanga crimes, because their Brugmansia collection can be a target for the criminals that manufacture burundanga.

Brugmansia collections are a target for teenagers and drug addicts. In South America scopolamine from Brugmansia has already been launched as a street drug under the name Cocoa sabanero. In USA and in Europe drug addicts and teenagers looking for thrill and excitement will with intent remove Brugmansia leaves and flowers, which they abuse in the form of a narcotic tea.

There is evidence everywhere on the Internet that Brugmansia teenagers abuse Brugmansia. Try and run a search on Google using keywords such as these:

"Brugmansia experiences", "Datura experiences", "brugmansia tea" or "Brugmansia drugs".

The use of Brugmansia tea can have tragic consequences. Not only for the young man or woman that drink the tea, but for their entire families as well. Not so long ago a German teenager that drank Brugmansia tree made of a plant (B. X candida 'Tutu') in his parents garden. After ingesting the Brugmansia tea he went without further notice out in his parents garden and cut off his penis and tongue with a garden scissor.


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