Friday, December 21, 2007

SEO or So Easy Overcome

How difficult is it in fact to launch your new web site on the top of a large search engine as Google?

According to many SEO companies this is extremely difficult. It require real and professional help. However, they have a solution to offer you. For a larger or smaller amount they can get you listed and visible in Google already after a week.

This is not exactly a fraud. Still I need to define exactly, what it then is? Anyone that ad their URL to Google will be listed and visible in Google in a week’s time. Just take a few moments time and submit your web shop adress (URL) to Google and you have saved valuable time, not to mention money, whatever value they might have.

Truth is that the entire process of registering your web shop only takes as long, as it takes for you to write the web adress of your company, and to hit the submit button. How fast would that be? Then after a week you are not only able to write your company URL in Google and see the link to your web shop, you are also able to write your chosen key word combinations and Google will serve for you the link to your company here too.

Now, just to show, how easy it is to hit on top of Google, we decided to buy the domain and have it hosted on a server in the USA. Here is, how we got high ranks in lesser than 14. Days. Now, should you go to the URL remember that it is just a web site set up for the purpose to show, how easy things can be for you, if you don’t complicate them.

On December 4:
We buy the domain at Basic Networks Corp.

On December 5:
Within four hours from our purchase our domain is registered, and is also up and running. In Denmark registration of a domain can take more than a week, so it was Hurray for the American high service level. Remember that service is not the service, which is naturally expected from you, but the extra little things that you do, which weren’t expected.

Well, we receive an e-mail from Basic Networks Corp. containing our log-in information, where the web server was located etc., and five minutes later we launch our first company page.

We would see how good listings we were able to obtain alone from the prescence of the web site. The company pages was therefore stripped for any META-Tags. The only tage was the Title-tag that spelled . Neat, huh? We are a company. Oh, well. We wrote a few sentences on the pages and re-launced them on the Internet server. It was a scrabed model of a web shop with only a little text, a photo and images of the link buttons.

Our company pages was at the start - how frustrating is must sound - not visible in any search engine for the next few days, but writing the Internet adress in Internet Explorer search bar take us directly to the page. Next thing on the to-do list was to ad the company URL, and company description to Google. December 10:Now the big day has finally arrived. We are visible in Google, when we write our company URL in Googles search bar. That didn’t happen before. We are also visible, when we use different combinations of search terms that match the expressions that we have used on the company page.

On December 14:
As a side effect of submitting our Internet adress to Google we also found out that we could find the company page searching from and at MSN. On December 17:We ran a search using the word Surrow and combined it with relevant words taken from the text piece on the web site, such as: “buy now”, “E-Book”, “web shop”, “web shops”, “web shop design”, “credibility”, “Marketing strategies”, “profit”, “sales rates”, “return of investment” and “navigation structure”. Here is how we ranked in Google using the following search tems:

Surrow Buy now as no. 4
Surrow e-book as no. 1
Surrow web shop as no. 8
Surrow web shops as no. 1
Surrow web shop design as no. 2
Surrow credibility as no. 1
Surrow marketing strategies as no. 44
Surrow profit as no. 1Surrow sales rates as no. 1
Surrow return of investment as no. 2
Surrow navigation structure as no. 2

These results were achieved in 13 days with a company page that nothing, but a Title-Tag, a little bit of text and a photo. However, I am happy that we are not in the Internet Marketing Strategy department. With that ranking as number 44 we would have to close our business and find out, what else to do. I am also glad that I don’t sell cars, because a web site, such as can not be found by anyone who types the word car into Googles search bar.

On the other hand, if I was a car salesman, and understood a tiny bit of how the large search engines work I would just have to alter the text part of the web pages and tell you a bit about cars, and then you could find the same pages on top of Google using phrases as “Surrow’s cars”, or even “Surrow’s Red Ferrari’s”. Trouble is that I prefer to drive in an elderly Ford, but that don’t prevent me from having fun optimizing a set of web pages to hit the top of Google, no matter what is written on them, and to show, how in fact simple things are, if we don’t complicate them.

Tonny Surrow-Hansen